Project Oysters

Oysters naturally filter the water. They help to filter out particles and pollutants that cloud the water and cause growth of harmful algae. Join Project Oyster Pensacola and learn how to place and monitor oyster colonies to help scientists clean up Perdido and Pensacola Bays. Help us grow 1,000,000 oysters!

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Carpenter Creek

Carpenter Creek Watershed Restoration is an integrated approach to environmental restoration including integrated sciences, education for the public and students, and economic benefits for the community. The project will positively impact a key part of the Escambia County watershed and improve the region’s economic resiliency. There are many opportunities for the public to help with.

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Student Projects
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Indian Bayou Wetlands

The Pensacola/Escambia Bay System was once known for its clear waters, mosaics of seagrass beds on white sandy bottoms and its abundant fishery. Changes in habitat and water quality have resulted in fish kills which put the dying bay on the map in the 1970s. Indian Bayou is a tidal wetland system and one of […]

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Bruce Beach Project

Bruce Beach in Pensacola, Florida is a remnant of Gulf Costal Habitat with beach, sea grasses, wet meadow, and upland species of plants and trees. As such it represents a community treasure of undeveloped coastline with potential for recreational and educational activities.

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